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Hyfer Technologies helps make your idea into a working solution. We help new businesses and start-ups to build their technology side without having to navigate the project management and development process; we will deliver and maintain your product until you grow large enough to invest and expand your company's technology resources.

Our Projects

Our team produces results. We are helping to pioneer the technological revolution and bring to the world the future of commerce.

We have developed the worlds first completely digital customs solution. In partnership with Canusa Logistics and their 30 years of industry expertise, Hyfer Technologies has developed a platform for large companies, small business', and individual consumers to digitally complete their customs clearance and choose from any customs brokerage, frieght forwarder, or transporter around the world. We will be launching in Canadian markets this summer.

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Campus Brainiac is a web and mobile application that simplifies peer tutoring. Our application facilitates messaging, booking, and payments--you focus on what's important: learning. Put simply, we want you to worry less and learn more.
Campus Brainiac

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We are currently working on modifying the Apache Solr Search Engine for Unfailling Search Engine. We are bringing the world its first unstopable search engine. Where other search engines are limited by stop words that do not exist in their databses, our K2 Unfailling Engine with persist and give people deeper results. Even with a project this big, we were able to engineer an elegant solution that will change the way search is done.
K2 Search Engine

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About our team

Hyfer's team is made up of people from various backgrounds and stages in life. We believe in continuous learning and know that through education, we can achieve anything.

Heshan Modaragamage

CEO and Co-Founder.

Mohit Kishore

CTO and Co-Founder.

Nilesh Kamani

Senior Software Engineer and Co-Founder

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